Malto jūros ešerio kubeliai - 70g / dogs like fish

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Complementary feed of minced redfish - cubes

Minced redfish products are definitely fish delicacies for your pets!
Redfish is a good source of proteins (over 60%); owing to the high B12 content, the minced redfish products promote the synthesis of DNA, myeline, are an antioxidant, participate in lipid metabolism, and raise cell oxygen consumption. The availability of essential amino acids Omega (up to 9.2 %) makes the redfish skin an excellent, natural supplementary feed for your pets.
A special drying technique enables to keep not only up to 70-80% nutrients, but also an appetizing, natural shrimp flavor, which will repeatedly appeal to your pets. Minced redfish products include strips for large and cubes for medium and small sized dogs.

Feeding instructions:
• Depending on the dog size - 2-5 strips or cubes a day
• A dog should always have access to the source of fresh water


Analytical Constituents


100% Redfish skin

Energy value per 100g. product:

1315 kJ / 313 Kcal

Crude protein:


Crude fat:

9,1 %


6,5 %

Crude cellulose:

<0,5 %

Crude ash:

16,1 %

Moisture content:

7,9 %

Omega 3:

9,2 %