Hurtta Travel Harness Eco - crash tested petnešos

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Traveling safely by car is a serious matter. Especially when you ride with your beloved pet. And it doesn't matter if it's a vacation, a Saturday trip out of town, or just a short trip to the vet three streets from home. It is true that there are special carriers for the safe transport of animals, but most of us (especially owners of small dogs) prefer to have our pet close to us, at hand. That's why Hurtta decided to produce a travel dog harness for the car - Hurtta Travel Harness Eco. It's three years of work and 10 different crash tests, including those for child seats. Dynamic crash tests were conducted in accordance with ECE R44.04 test conditionsin Finland (Oy Klippan AB) and China (CATARC Automotive Component Test Center Co., Ltd). Thanks to the harness from Hurtt, you will ensure safe and comfortable travel for your pet, and you will be able to focus on driving. Very high quality workmanship of all harness elements, without "cutting corners" they will meet even the highest requirements.

The design of the harness allows you to attach it to the seat belts in the car. During sudden braking or an accident, the seat belt retractors lock and hold the dog close to the seat. Thanks to this, the pet stays in place and does not move around the car interior. Your pet can travel in them as he likes: sitting, standing or lying down.Thanks to the solid metal D-ring, you can attach a leash to them and use them as normal walking harnesses. The hole through which you put the seat belts in the car also serves as a handle to hold the dog with your hand.

Adjustments in the chest, neck and waist allow you to precisely fit the Travel Harness to the dog's body shape. Their outer part is made of soft and waterproof neoprene covered with a layer of durable polyester fabric. The bottom part  of the harness is  lined with a breathable  and well-ventilated air-mesh  mesh . All straps are made of stretch- and tear-resistant nylon. The harnesses are very comfortable to use  and extremely  comfortableeasy to put on and take off . Fastened with strong metal buckles. A reflective badge ensures visibility.

The harnesses have been tested for failure-free, long-term use.  Tensile strength and durability of critical points are ensured by the use of special seams  and confirmed by a certificate of meeting the strength requirements for SFS-EN ISO 13934-1 harnesses. The materials used to produce the harnesses are  free from toxic substances and meet the strict Bluedesign® standards, which focus on sustainable chemistry to ensure the highest level of safety for people, animals and the environment. Metal fittings have been tested for corrosion in accordance with EN ISO 9227: 2017 (E). 

Key Features:

  • Designed for your dog to travel safely in the car
  • attached to seat belts
  • do not require additional adapters
  • crash tested
  • comfortable fit
  • adjustment around the neck, chest and waist
  • with D-ring for attaching a leash
  • waterproof
  • they allow the dog to sit, lie or stand
  • Materials: durable PES fabric, waterproof neoprene, breathable recycled PES mesh, durable nylon straps, stainless steel metal components.
  • 100% non-toxic materials
  • reflective elements ensure visibility at dusk and in bad weather conditions
  • reinforced seams in places particularly exposed to stress
  • modern design and interesting pattern
  • quality and durability for years
  • hand wash possible

About the brand:
Hurtta is a leader among producers of the highest quality harnesses, leashes, collars, harnesses and clothes for active dogs. A well-known and respected company that was established in 2002 in Finland. Its ergonomic and extremely useful training and sports accessories are loved by people from all over the world. The original style, modern design, and the unique Houndtex® material used in their products, which has been patented by this manufacturer - provide dogs with convenience, comfort and an attractive appearance. The products of this brand are characterized primarily by excellent quality, durability and functionality. Physically active dog owners appreciate the possibility of using Hurtt accessories both during walks and while practicing sports, e.g. running or dog trekking.