BUGALUGS Best in Breed šampūnas 500ml

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Vegan dog shampoo  Bugalugs Best in Breed Shampoo . It not only thoroughly cleanses, nourishes and cares for your pet, but also makes his coat smell amazing for a long time. It has been enriched with a mixture of ingredients that will provide a beautiful and healthy look for your pet. The activated carbon contained in the shampoo has the ability to neutralize all unpleasant odors, catch and remove impurities and harmful substances, has a detoxifying effect. It cleanses the skin's pores, regulates sebum secretion, reduces seborrhea. Citrus, peppermint and canary essential oils provide nutrients and help soothe irritated skin. It sets a bold and elegant, long-lasting spicy-woody scent with notes of bergamot, blackcurrant, apple, pineapple. Juniper berries, birch, patchouli, jasmine, musk, oakmoss, amber and vanilla.

The shampoo lathers well and rinses off easily. It leaves your pet's coat not only clean, soft and shiny, but above all free from any unpleasant odours. Suitable for all types and colours of coat.  It can also be used  on puppies over 8 weeks of age.  It is suitable for use both at home and during professional grooming treatments in a grooming salon. 100% made in the UK, based on water from the Lake District, biologically clean areas and included on the  UNESCO World Heritage List.  Advantages of the shampoo:

  • vegan
  • with balanced pH
  • does not affect the natural protective layer of the skin and hair
  • cleanses the fur thoroughly
  • regulates sebum secretion
  • eliminates unpleasant odors
  • soothes skin irritations
  • nourishes the hair
  • gives the coat a healthy shine
  • foams well and rinses off easily
  • for adult dogs and puppies from 8 weeks of age
  • based on water from the Lake District, biologically clean areas
  • made in the UK

Key Ingredients:

  • active carbon
  • citrus oils
  • pepper mint
  • canary flower oil