FORCE OF NATURE - Greyhound Extreme papildas

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Mokesčiai įtraukti. Siuntimo išlaidos apskaičiuojamos atsiskaitant.

Sukurtas greihaundams, tačiau tinkantis ir kitiems šunims natūralus žolelių papildas.

This newly designed product is formulated especially for the canine athletes wellbeing in mind.

Daily use of Force of Nature helps support a strong and healthy respiratory immune system. Dogs in training are susceptible to certain stress factors like race conditioning, travel and pathogenic exposure. Stress depletes the immune system and they can become vulnerable to infections.

The proprietary blend of Elderflower and Beta Glucans help support the immune system, protect against the harmful effects of stress, reduces the risk of respiratory infections, reduce post event recovery time and helps maintain overall health and wellbeing.

This product works by priming the neutrophils in the immune system. neutrophils are a specific immune white blood cell that fight infections. By priming these cells it helps them perform more effectively.

Elderflower is used for immune-stimulating and anti-viral properties, promoting circulation and respiratory function.

Both these ingredients combined will give the greyhound the best respiratory immune support and contributes to their overall wellbeing.

Our tub of Force of Nature is a 200 day supply