Žuvų sausainukai - 200g / dogs like fish

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Fish biscuits for dogs


New addition no our line of complementary feed are small and large fish biscuits for dogs and cats of all sizes. Biscuits are made from fresh perch and Baltic Herring with law addition of pea flour. It has high protein content and contains no preservatives or dyes. It is ideal low-calorie and hypoallergenic product for your pets. Biscuits promote a healthy, shiny coat as well as stimulate and strengthen the immune system. It is ideal for training your pets!

Feeding recommendations:

  • No more than 10% of the total diet.
  • Please, make sure your dog has access to fresh and clean water.

Analytical Constituents


Zivis - 45% asari, 45% siļķes, 10% zirņu milti

Energy value per 100g. product:

388 Kcal/ 1634 kJ

Crude fat: 

10,72 g. / 100 g.

Crude protein:

55,54 g. / 100 g.


17,3 g. / 100 g.


0,6 g. / 100 g.


0,9 g. / 100 g.

Moisture content:

5,68 g. / 100 g.

Omega 3:

2,83 g. / 100 g.

Omega 6:

0,83 g. / 100 g.